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Christopher Whitmore was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in the waning years of the swinging sixties.  He has been a writer since he first took crayon in hand and posted his manifesto on the family refrigerator – a rambling screed about the inherent evils of broccoli. 

His formative years were dominated by comic books, sci-fi, and fantasy. Such stories have deeply influenced his worldview, which is more Trekkian-optimistic than Blade Runner-dystopian.  He values Superman’s ability to inspire hope over Batman’s vengeance-driven nature and he believes that such escapist fare can teach us lessons in ways that traditional fiction cannot.  

Notoriously inept from a social standpoint, he has only recently begun allowing other people to read his work.  His first novel, SAVIOUR, was published in 2017. 

Christopher is a proud member of the Allied Authors of Wisconsin.

Notebook and Pen

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."

- Ray Bradbury

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Published February 4th, 2021

Leo Fairchild's life has been in freefall since high school. His parents died abruptly during his senior year, his football scholarship fizzled when he blew his knee out, and now, he's crashing on his best friend's couch because he can't seem to hold down a job for more than five minutes.


What Leo doesn't realize is that there's a reason for his streak of awful, awful luck – and her name is Vesper.


In order to uncover the truth behind his multiple misfortunes, Leo and his best friend David must travel to an astonishing new world, a brilliant reflection of our own modern society, where a marriage of magic and technology are able to solve most any problem … or so it seems …


It is there that Leo will discover his strange destiny and just what it means to be a Charming.  


But will his fantastic new life be worth the price that must be paid? 


From the author of SAVIOUR and CHILDREN OF THE SAVIOUR, CHARMING is a brand new series, an urban fantasy adventure for young adults, old adults, and everyone in between.  

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Released September 13, 2019

A year after the events of SAVIOUR, Miracle Ashe returns home to find her sister and friends entangled in a perilous skein of intrigue: a glorious angel, wrapped in tendrils of living flame has unexpectedly arrived in the city. He proclaims that he is the son and heir of The Saviour himself.

Miracle isn’t convinced.

Her journey to discover the truth behind this angel of fire reunites her with old friends and ends up introducing her to astonishing, forgotten corners of the world. However, enemies familiar and new await her as well, both at home and across the sea.

CHILDREN OF THE SAVIOUR is a post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure and is the sequel to SAVIOUR.  



July 15, 2017

SAVIOUR is a post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure that follows the exploits of a young blacksmith named Miracle Ashe as she faces a grueling test in order to come face to face with the ancient man who saved all of humanity, The Saviour.

To celebrate his one hundredth birthday, Simon The Saviour has offered to grant any one wish to each citizen who steps through the doors of his cathedral before sundown.

Of course, there’s a catch: to get in, you have to get past the other thousand people standing in The Line.

As the sun begins to set on this historic day, Miracle has already come farther than any other woman in the infamous Line, determined to meet with the holy patriarch despite the forces marshaled against her.  She defiantly presses forward in the shadow of The Saviour’s cathedral, defeating each adversary she faces as the seconds count down towards twilight.

She knows nothing of the political forces swirling nearby nor the religious agency that is about to upend her world, sending her on an adventure she

never imagined and is unlikely to survive.  

For The Saviour is not what he seems...

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